The NAF Story

North American Fertilizer

Benson Power LLC – a 55 megawatt power plant burns more than 500,000 tons of poultry litter annualy to produce electricity. The ash derived from the burning of the litter produces a nutrient rich fertilizer. A 500 foot conveyor transfers the ash to the adjacent North American Fertilizer warehouse. A portion of the ash fertilizer is transported by truck to a warehouse in Olivia, MN.

NAFmicro Fertilizer

Benson Power LLC obtains poultry litter from area farms by assisting farmers with poultry litter removal. Poultry litter is transported in tightly covered trucks to the power plant.


The combustion of the litter and other biomass takes place in a custom-designed boiler. Water is boiled to produce high-pressure steam, which drives a turbine and generates electricity.

NAFmicro Fertilizer

Time Lapse Video of Test Plot